Scouts Apollo

WS71141401 (01-21) FN BLK MSK
Dam: Lady Glen Denning’s Phoebe
Whelped: January 12, 2021

Pedigree of “Scout’s Apollo”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE-Deb’s Gallant Gunny

WS54470001 (10-19) FN BLK MSK

Sultan Theodore

WS50251906 (06-16) RD FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #V883607

Tallis Guardians Forever

WS45846502 (08-15) BSCT & WHT BLK MSK AKC DNA #V851717

Redcreek’s Annalee of Tallis

WS46055103 (08-15) FN BLK MSK

Maggie’s Delight

WS42587504 (05-14) FN BLK MSK

My Way’s Sampson

WS29711003 (11-10) FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #V715578

My Way’s Abby

WS30077704 (11-10) FN BLK MSK

DAM-Deb’s Sierra Scout

WS54324108 (10-19) BRDL BLK MSK

Apollo M Farm Zeus

WS48889807 (11-16) FN BLK MSK

Thor of To Tend and to Keep Farm

WS44139605 (06-14) FN BLK MSK

Pippilotta Delicatessa D’s Daughter

WS42317206 (06-14) FN BLK MSK

Apollo M Farm Sky

WS44948601 (11-16) BRDL BLK MSK

VHA Farm’s Khan

WS34361207 (03-12) FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #V801625

VHA Farm’s Delihla Rose

WS42633502 (12-13) BRDL BLK MSK