"Charlie" at Tor Kham, Afghanistan



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We are the Thomas Family; we breed Friesian horses, Anatolian Shepherds, and Wagyu Cattle. We invite you to look through our gallery to get a personal experience of our farm life. We reside in southern Alabama on 158 acres. When we are blessed with an abundance, we offer this to the public; we are supported on the farm by friends and family. 

We are a family of military veterans which is how we came about owning our beloved guardian dogs. The Anatolians Shepherds are lovingly bred by Amy. Her first love of Anatolian Shepherds began many years ago, while she was serving abroad. Here is Amy’s story:

“I spent much of my 3rd deployment working at a tiny post on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. One day, there was a squad who patrolled outside the perimeter of the base and came upon a young farm boy. The boy had in his hands a slingshot and pebbles. This boy also had a puppy by his side. He told the Soldiers, “For $5, I will let you shoot at my puppy with this slingshot.” The Soldiers declined the offer but made a counteroffer. They would pay him twice as much to take the puppy off his hands. The boy readily agreed, and “Charlie” was carried to base with the squad and became their mascot. Charlie also followed me up to the outposts up the mountain and back down. My interpreter friend once told me, “That is a very distinguished breed of dog. They will go out for weeks with a cattle or goat herd, unaided and keep them safe from predators. They are also known as the National Dog of Turkey.” I did not know what breed she was nor did I know what became of Charlie after I left that base in Afghanistan, but I spent many years searching for her likeness. Years later, I found an Anatolian Shepherd by the name of Hercules. Now, we breed and train incredible Anatolian Shepherds for the protection of livestock. Our farm’s first line of defense past our fences are our very large Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.”

The family farm is located in Black. Our dogs have been raised from pups with various types of livestock to ensure proper upbringing and desensitization. In our pastures, we have horses, cattle, geese, goats, cats, chickens, ducks and guinea hens. While the dogs are kept around the livestock primarily for desensitization, but also for guardianship. These pasture animals are guarded by four Anatolian Dams: Shepard’s Rest “Jewel”, Hera, Phoebe, and Keila. Hera and Phoebe were purchased from Lady Glen Dennings Goat Farm in South Carolina, whereas Keila was bred on Pine Meadows from our late Sire Hercules. Our current Sire, Scouts’ Apollo was raised as a pup at a Dothan goat farm; he has proven himself to be an excellent guardian to all livestock types.  

We are happy to answer any questions about our own experiences with Anatolian Shepherds, Friesian Horses and Wagyu Cattle.